A beautiful apartment home in New Mexico is a joy to come home to at night after work, but it can take some time to make your apartment feel like “home sweet home” when you’ve recently relocated to Albuquerque. Even if your new apartment is filled with beautiful amenities, and you’ve chosen a friendly and vibrant apartment community, your new apartment can feel a little foreign for the first few months.

There are a few steps you can take to ensure your apartment feels like your own, personal home, even if you don’t own the property and submit a rent payment to your property manager each month. Consider the following if you recently moved to New Mexico and are getting used to your new place, or you’re thinking about relocating to a new Albuquerque apartment.

Don’t Sell Your Special Items

One of the activities that many apartment dwellers do when they move from one apartment to another is sell almost everything they can get their hands on, particularly if a cross-country move is in the works. While this is a great way to save money on your move and leave behind old, rickety pieces of furniture that aren’t in the best condition, it can also make your new apartment feel like a motel room rather than your home.

Selling, recycling, or donating old items and things you don’t need any more is a fine idea if you’re moving – even if it’s a move across the street – however, hang on to a few things that you really like. Don’t get rid of your favorite pillow just yet. Take it with you and use it for the first few weeks of living in your new apartment. You’ll enjoy the familiarity of your possessions.

Resist the Urge to Shop ‘Till You Drop

Moutnains-carportsMoving into a new apartment community in Albuquerque usually means buying a few things. You might find you have to leave some furniture behind, which necessitates buying some new pieces. You might break an item or two and have to replace them. Making these purchases is something you’ll need to do at some point, but try to avoid going on a shopping binge right after you move into your new apartment.

Not only will you want to unpack everything you can and arrange the items you already own, but you’ll want to make sure you really need the items you think you need. Do you need a new table and chairs, or can you squeak by with some bar stools in the kitchen? Is it really time for a new bed and mattress, or does your current mattress still have some life left in it?

Don’t Become a Hermit After Your Move

An apartment full of boxes can seem overwhelming, and you may find yourself obsessing over getting everything arranged and organized in the first few days or weeks you live in a new place. While it’s important to get your boxes unpacked quickly to avoid having them hanging around six months after you move in, it’s often a good idea to take a few breaks from unpacking.

If you’re moving locally and you already have friends in Albuquerque, you may wish to call some friends up and invite them over for some impromptu food delivery. Getting out of your apartment and going out to a movie or meeting friends at a local restaurant is also an excellent way to put a little variety into your post-move routine.

Enjoy a Great Location in Albuquerque at Spring Park

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