Moving can feel like a project with no end, and making the wrong decisions before you load the truck and get on the road can result in the need to spend a rather significant amount of money. However, with some simple steps taken for planning your move, you can arrive at your future luxury apartment in Albuquerque, NM without a lot of fanfare and under your predetermined budget.

Here are a few things to consider as you begin planning your move, whether it’s in a week or six months.

Don’t Overestimate Your Moving Needs

Moving to a new home gives you an excellent opportunity to get rid of old stuff and create a clean and happy space in your new Albuquerque studio or one bedroom apartment. If you’re like many apartment dwellers who have been in one spot for a few years, you’ve collected things over the years that have simply gone into storage at the back of your closets.

Hanging on to a lot of stuff you no longer use can make your move more expensive than it needs to be. Consider the following:
  • Selling/recycling/donating old furniture That old coffee table did the trick when you were fresh out of college, but is it really worth hauling it across the country to your new home?

Bringing along old or excess furniture means getting a bigger truck, paying for more gas, and filling up your new luxury apartment with items that could find a better home in someone else’s residence. The Bottom Line – You don’t have to get rid of family heirlooms, but you might not need that decades-old IKEA dresser with all the scratches on it and a drawer that doesn’t work.

  • Packing smartly and early When you pack things at the last minute, it’s easy to end up with broken items, as well as to end up using too many boxes.

You might find that you need more space in a more expensive moving truck, or you’ll have to spend unnecessary funds on extra packing supplies. You might find a few broken items when you arrive at your new home, which means you’ll have to spend money replacing them. Early packing means careful packing, and you’ll save money getting things done early.

Explore All Options for Moving Assistance

Hiring a moving company with professionals who will come to your home, pack your stuff, and load it onto the truck is probably the most costly option for relocation, but it’s also the one where you shouldn’t need to deal with a significant investment of time. Weigh the cost of taking time off work from your job against the cost of having movers handle your relocation.

You might find that it’s a “wash” with the cost of movers being the same as the money you stand to lose by taking time off work. By exploring every option for your relocation, you can ensure that you’re not creating extra work and stress in your life if you don’t have to with your move. Consider your move, think about your overall budget, and look at the effort required for each decision.

Enjoy Life in Your Apartment In Albuquerque at Spring Park

Albuquerque offers a variety of opportunities for work, school, and making new friends. As a growing city with a friendly population, you can find the perfect place to live by visiting Spring Park. Our one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments are surrounded by beautiful landscaping, and our floor plans offer plenty of space to relax, as well as storage space for your possessions. If you’re looking for a great place to live in Albuquerque, get in touch with our leasing staff today to set up a time to visit and tour your future apartment home.